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  • Colin

    When I click on the extension symbols and right click there is no categorization option on the drop down menu and yes my detailed tool tips is on. I find your help, support and the tutorials woefully inadequate to do simple things, like, turning off furniture symbol tags. Turning off the labels on tagged items for printing while leaving the back filled tag box in place for reference. I have tried for 2 days to figure it out on my own and have asked support for help and they cannot even figure it out. Yes I've looked at visibility settings in paper space and on and on. I shrug my shoulders?! I am only a part time user but have been using CET since its inception. I stopped using it full time in 2014 and have not had a 3 day training since then but increasingly the things I used to be able to do are so changed or missing that I cannot provide even what a client asks for as I used to be able to do. Earlier in the week I lost 3 hours of work because? FRUSTRATED!!

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  • Curtis

    Hi Colin,

    I understand your frustration regarding this; we've updated the article to be more accurate. The consistent way to access Categorization is through the Tools dropdown menu. I'll delve into your specific issue a bit more here.

    I think what you are looking for is more granular control over the Part Tagging rectangle visibility categories, which, I admit you cannot currently turn off only the text for those yet. You would need to find another way to obscure/move that Tag ID text away from the Background Filled part tagging area either:

    1. drawing a 2D shape on top of that text on your Paper OR
    2. by moving (via clicking and dragging) the ID/text away from the part tagging shape

    I'm putting in a feature request on your behalf in order to be able to simply control this text on its own Category.

    We're always doing our best to make things easier for users. There's a fine balance between adding control and adding complexity. If you have other ideas where you want more granular control or could benefit from another category / feature please also send them in under Help > Feature Request.

    Thank you!

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