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  • Licensing

    Thank you for updating this page.  The new information is excellent for the most part.  I would take exception with 500GB+ storage space.   As network administrator I work with designers who push CET to it's limits.  We have done the usual troubleshooting to include deleting temp files, keeping unneeded files and programs off the design systems, etc.  I used WinDirStat and found the majority of the drive was taken up by CET Catalogues.   I'll head you off at the pass and state that yes, I know Configura states part of keeping the software stable and faster is to remove "unneeded" Manufacturers.   After mentioning that to our lead designers I got a chuckle and they explained that it's faster to keep these than constantly reloading for compatibility on older or revisited drawings.  We are finding drives need to be 1TB or better.  Please reconsider your upper end system specifications.

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  • Jason

    I fully agree with the above comment, the "performance" spec should be 2 TB / NVME SSD with 1 TB being minimum recommended. 

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