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  • Kim Melka

    Looks like the "count" checkbox isn't there anymore. Unless there is a setting hidden somewhere that I can turn it on. I'd love to have the "count" checkbox back :)

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  • Yewsiing Choong

    Hi Melka,
    Indeed we have removed the "count" checkbox as it's not as accurate as it's intended.
    Let's say a single FIKA panel is in the tag, the count within the tag will show 5, as it's actually made of 5 components(it depends on how the component is programmed).

    If you want to know the count in a tag, you can go to Tools > Advanced Selection, and you can see how many selected objects are there in the selection(s) within the part tag:

    Or, in Calculations,

    1. Create a custom view and group the items by tags
    2. Press Edit -> Copy all cells
    3. Open up a new excel sheet, and paste on it.
    4. You can then use excel to sum up all the quantities.

    If you still want this feature back, do write it to CET Support, cetsupport@configura.com

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  • Amanda Price

    Is there a way to show the part tagging colors in 2D paper view, and the rest of the view be black and white?

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  • Saufi

    Hi Amanda,

    Here's another article showing how to do that:
    Modifying View Clips with Add-Ons – Configura Help Center

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