Drawing Stairs and Railings



  • Amy Crews777

    Directions on how to attach the stairs would be helpful. Where does the translucent blue riser position? How would you calculate the rise. It would be nice if you could attached and positioned the stairs at the bottom and then drag up like an accordion and then snap to the next level. 

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  • Yewsiing Choong

    Hi Amy, sorry for the delay, we do agree that this article was indeed lacking of directions.
    Thus, we have now updated this article to include answering your questions.

    Do take a look back if you feel if anything else is missing.

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  • Cmclaurin

    It would be nice to assign stairs to a level or change their starting elevation. Am I missing the location of this feature?

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  • Saufiuddin Haniz

    You may assign the stairs to the desired level through the Categorization tool, and it will be registered to the checked level.

    More info on that here: Categorization Dialog: Levels Tab – Configura Help Center


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