Which computer should I get for CET?



  • Efavreau

    This article could be improved if Configura would just share the exact computer manufacturer and model # they use internally. Every CET user should be using the same equipment the Pros at Configura are using. :-) #onehundredpercentserious #justsayin

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  • Bnorman

    I agree with Efavreau's comment. My company has a laptop that meets the above criteria but is HORRIBLE at working with CET. We were later told its because Dell is not as compatible with CET as other manufacturers..  and now we are stuck with them. It would be helpful to be upfront and give us exact recommendations.

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  • Saufiuddin Haniz


    After a discussion with our team, we decided that we should not endorse any brand nor model. Mainly because it's in our best interest to test throughout different hardware and identify hardware incompatibilities.

    Thus we would recommend you to speak with an expert in the field, show them CET's System Requirements, then discuss your use-case along with your budget.


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