Collapsing Component Tabs



  • Diwema

    Hi!  We are in the process of grouping and slimming down the number of tabs we have.  I like the concept of collapsing component tabs.  What I don't like is that when you collapse a group, the tab used to collapse the group is the one that displays. 

    Is it possible to show a different (avatar) name for the collapsed group?  So in your example above, once you collapse the group using "Characters" (or any of the 6 tabs in that group), the collapsed group would display a more generic name like "Accessories" (or any name we define).

    If this is possible today, please let me know.  Else I guess it goes in the Feature Request bucket...


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  • Curtis

    Hey Dan! Yes you're right, this is something that will need to be submitted under Help > Feature Request so that we can consider how it could work and try to implement it. I understand you were probably talking about customizing it and integrating it into your specific extension, but I agree this could be good core functionality as well! Remind me to update this comment when we (fingers crossed) allow something like you described ;)

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