Downloading and Installing the Render Accelerator Extension



  • Timothy Scobey

    Seems the RA requires the base program in order to make use of other machines.  Why is RA not a stand alone app? Or am I missing something.

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  • Curtis

    Hello Timothy!

    You can install Render Server as a standalone app on other computers and if it (the server) is configured to listen on the proper IP address (it must be listening on the same subnet as the rendering machines/clients) then it will help with photo/video renderings running on CET Designer installations that have the Render Accelerator extension running. If the Server is configured properly it should be detected and appear in the list under Resource Details.

    No full installation of CET Designer is required on computers only running the Render Server Controller interface. If you need any more assistance you can reach out to the Support Team and we can investigate.

    **If you contact us via email please be sure to include the Logs as attachments. There is a button in the lower right corner of the Render Server Controller window that will open the Logs folder.**

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