Autosave and Backup Drawings



  • Bmartin

    Is there a way to specify the location of Autosave and Back-up files? 

    I'd rather them on my hard drive than taking space on One Drive.

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  • Yewsiing Choong

    Hello Bmartin,

    Currently, there is no way for us to specifically specify the location of the backup files, as it follows wherever your original drawing is. Which in this case, it seems your drawing is in OneDrive.

    However, if you do want to keep OneDrive files on your device:

    1. Navigate to your folder (Using the File Explorer in your Computer, not from your Web Browser) in which you want to keep in your device.
    2. Right-click on that folder, and select Always keep on this device.
    3. Give it a while to download the files in that folder, and it should have a "filled green tick icon".
    4. This will make all the files and folders in that folder always be on your device, including new additions into it (your backup drawings).

    For more information:
    Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10 - Office Support (

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